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Aedonia - Korthi - Mosionas - Piso Meria - Moni Panahrantous

We will start our trip from Aedonia which an area is located few meters from the hotel. In this beautiful and traditional area, we will first visit an ancient temple of Agious Pantes, which is an amazing marble- made spring.

Then, we will have the opportunity to see a skew bridge and walk through the village of Korthi. After walking in Korthi we will reach the villages of Pano Mosiona, because these villages are now considered as architectural heritage monuments. Then, we will visit the wild stream of Mpourou which is surrounded with a group of watermills in the wild nature. Last, we will end our little journey at the Moni Panahrantous, an ancient monastery which hosts ancients temples and religious painting from the 18th century (the route has no signs).

In nowadays people want to leave their everyday routine, relax, learn new things, get rest, release their stress, feel free in the nature and get to know their bodies. For this reason, we offer lessons of new method for detoxing the body and release the pressure of our bodies, and it called QIGONG. QIGONG has deep routes from the traditional Chinese medical science. With this technique you will have the opportunity to learn how to breath, move with smooth movements and do techniques to maximize the energy in your bodies and in your minds.

QIGONG can be done from young people to elders. Its practice happens mostly in morning hours, it last 1,5 hour and it can be schedule with an appointment.