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grias pidima andros

Korthi is located at the South side of Andros island. It has two mountain regions, the first one which is at the North side of the island, is called “Gerakones” and the other one is called “Rahi”. In between these two mountain regions, there is the green valley of Korthi, and also a dominant gulch which is located at “Dipotamata” area. This gulch has vast amounts of running waters and numerous of watermills. To continue, at this area there is also the Castle of “Faneromenis” which exists since the medieval ages and has a breathtaking sew view.

In the area you can find many sandy beaches and one of them is the “grias to pidima” beach. You can find many other beaches, crowded or isolated are beautiful and close to each other.

If you will follow the paths you will have the opportunity to admire windmills, watermills, monasteries, bridges, and beautiful traditional houses with big flowered balconies.


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